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Smooth, Frictionless Fun

Introducing Eroluve, our water-based personal lubricant that feels natural and lasts as long as your pleasure. Eroluve is designed to ease friction and enhance sensation, while mimicking the feel of the body’s natural lubrication.


Odorless, Colorless,
Non-Irritating Formula

Paraben Free

paraben &
sulfate free


Non-Sticky, Non-Staining,
Easy Clean Up


latex safe
& toy friendly

Retail: $39.99



One of the greatest benefits of going with a water-based formula is that you can reactivate it at any time with just a sprinkle of water or saliva. This way you don't have to keep reapplying Eroluve during your intimate moments.


& sex toy friendly

Eroluve is condom-compatible and unlike silicone or oil-based lubricants, it’s safe for use with sex toys. Eroluve washes off easily with water and will not cause damage or compromise durability.

The Best Sex Ever

this is the

best sex


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"Writing this review on behalf of my hubby and I. We use this lube EVERY time we have sex. I guess I am not the wettest of women, but I do have a pretty good sex drive. Either way, I needed a little extra moisture and this definitely did the trick. It's just the perfect amount of glide, and no mess, and it doesn't have an annoying smell (or taste hehe). We even use this for massages...It's versatile and overall a great product. Highly recommend."
non messy great lube


messy, great lube

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"This lube is a champ!! I love that there's no nasty residue or stickiness left behind. Actually, my skin felt softer afterwards, if that's possible. And you don't have to worry about it getting on your clothes or sheets, or have to hold out your arms/hands like a zombie afraid to touch anything so you don't spread the sticky everywhere. This also is a great massage oil, my wife loves it."
the lube i’ve been looking for!

the lube

i’ve been looking for!

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“I've tried so many lubes before and none have come close to this one. Not to mention I've paid twice the price for fancy non irritating lubes that ended up being sub-par. This one was great. It's slick and it feels super natural. Sex is better, masturbation is better, overall...better."

a more



Eroluve's water-based formula feels more natural and “wet” than standard silicone formulas. Its consistency is much closer to the body's natural lubricant, making it that much more pleasurable during use.



Unlike silicone lubes, water-based lubes leave skin and fabric clean and residue-free - with no sticky leftovers. They won't stain or mess up your clothes or sheets, making for a very easy cleanup.


& no awful taste


formulated for men & women

not tested

on any animals

paraben free

& sulfate free